Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On my honor, I will try.

If you have ever had a secret, or known something you couldn't talk about, you know how I feel.  I work for PetSmart and I have for 4 years now.  It's been a whole 4 months since I have transferred to this store and I have called the DM once already.  No, I am no longer stressed out about my store manager.  Yes, everything in that regard has been fixed.  Am I happy?  It takes more then a yes or a no to answer.  Through PetSmart I have gone from $7.50 an hour at 20 hours a week to $9.43 an hour at 38 hours a week plus 20% commission soon to be 25% for each class sold with my name on it.  Every time I am angry or stressed, a puppy walks in the door.  When I am tired I can laze about and pretend to work harder then I am.  I can price, cashier, stock, print, copy, ready a deposit, and do anything to do with live animals.  I am damn proud of the things that I know and I feel privledged to have worked with all the amazing and knowledgeable people I have had the honor to call my co-workers.

Molly and Jessica have taught me so much about dog training, so many amazing techniques that I still use if it's in the curriculum or not.  Miss.Peggy (I MISS YOU!) gave me the best ways to help relieve my stress and to stand up to my managers, ways to make it known that I am capable and I am a confident woman who isn't afraid of anything.  Chantal has given me more information about fish then I ever would or could have thought I might care to know.  Heather, Ashley, Ebony, Sarah, and Megan have shown me so much to do with grooming that I can actually assist customers without stepping foot in the salon.  

To go to this place that feels like a second home, to know that I love being there, that everyone can see how much I love my job and how much I love my customers (Angela, Cat man, Cat man 2, Lawrence the stinky cat guy [RIP], and that little woman who tells me her life story), and knowing that I am trying to leave it behind me is a feeling like I am hiding some big secret.  I love my job, but I love myself more then they love me.  I know I can be better then $9.43.  I know I deserve more then a soda card or a chance to be on the safety team.  I am worth more then a few training classes.

I had my first interview today and all though I am doing my best to not get my hopes up, I am getting the feeling that I got this in the bag.  It would be such an incredible step up for me.  To work in the organization that shaped me to be this woman, to help others see that they too can be strong and be independent is my dream.  To be completely honest, if I get this job with Girl Scouts, I don't know if I will finish my degree.  My goal is to work with people (Adults and children alike) and help them see that there are ways to better themselves.  My title would be Mission Delivery Manager and my job would be recruiting younger and older girls, volunteers, and leaders.  I would rock that job like a hurricane.

Today was one of those days.  I woke up at 8:30 and by 9:00 our neighbor was knocking at the door to start working on the bathroom renovations.  I can't do much when he is around because I like to sing when I am alone and I won't do that with him in the next room.  He said he was going to home depot.  When he is gone I can't shower because I have no idea if I will be showering when he gets back.  So I waited.  When he did come back, he came back with his 4-year-old daughter.  I honestly don't care how wonderful of a father he may be, you don't bring a 4-year-old into a bathroom renovation to sing The Itsy-Bitsy-Spider.  Around 11:00 I finally am able to jump in the shower.  So I'm standing there and just as I test the water temperature, my uncle calls my cell to tell me that the mattress delivery people will be there in 15 minutes.  So I throw my clothes back on and walk back out.  When I arrive I am looking so unkempt.  It's embarrassing.  Finally, my uncle gets home and I can shower.  I jump in, jump out (turn yourself about) and I'm dressed and on my way to work.  I'm starving so I pick up a snackwrap.  I get to work and this is when the fun begins.

There is a new girl who just came in from ML.  Very sweet girl.  I walk into the training ring to find the other trainer inviting her out to drink with herself, and two other co-workers including a manager.  1. That is against company policy.  It's considered fraternizing.  2. I have been there working with that trainer for nearly 4 months and she refuses to have a full out conversation with me.  I understand that I am not a country girl and that I am not tall and thin like the rest of them, but have some fucking class and invite this girl when I'm not around.  I wouldn't go with you regardless but you're treating her like your besties.   At least I have Lexa.  Lexa doesn't hate me.  In fact, Lexa is my only friend down here.  She's cool.  You're not.  I hate you.  XP

ANYWAY.  So later in the day I am finishing a class and I accidentally breathed in some bitter yuck.  Don't do it.  It's disgusting.  I got some water and then asked Karen for $0.65 to buy a can of Fanta.  Mmm.  I love Fanta orange and I love that the soda dude offers it in both a bottle or a can.  I am cheap so I opt for the can.  Well I didn't get a can of Fanta.  It was false advertising and I want my money back and a can of Fanta!

I pulled the tab to open it and the damn thing broke off.  I had to squeeze the soda out of a tiny hole near where the tab was.  An hour or more later I realized I forgot to take a break again.  I've become really really good at doing this.  About 15 minutes before going home I get a text from my Uncle.  They ate checkers for dinner.  Which means that once again, there is no food and I am going to be eating a Totinos pizza.  I love Totinos with a passion, but eating them every other day is not healthy.  SO finally I stop and pick up some shit at Publix and I m set now.  I am set and I am happy.

I have food, I have a second Interview with Rhonda on the 15th at 10:00AM at Starbucks and I am a patient, strong woman!

 Good job Snoopy!

 What job?  I have no idea what you're talking about.  I did nothing.  Can I have something edible? 


  1. Great BLOG!!! Zeus misses you! (I do too)

  2. Awwww. What an adorable beagle! I hope you get to where you want to go!! And... hmmm... seems like all my friends work at Petsmart xD

    I love reading your posts! :) It's like I get to hang with you, even though we're separated by a few states.