Sunday, July 10, 2011

So wow.

You know I recall saying a few months back that I was going to be doing this blog and updating on a daily basis.  Well you see, a few years ago I found that I am really good at saying I am going to do things, and then never getting around to doing them.  Is it a bad thing?  Meh, I don't know, but I have all new stories, updates and things to tell you!

My cousin moved out a month ago and is now situated back in my boring hometown of Ocoee, FL.  I am painting his room in the upcoming week.  It will be this wonderful shade of green.

This pic is not mine. It came from somewhere on the internet.  That second shade of green from the top of the paint sample chart is the shade of my new room.  White trim and a few other minor details must be done before I can start painting, but that's fine.  I will live.

So in BIG news, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is in theaters this coming Friday, which as you all know means that I will be at the theater Thursday night at midnight to see the 12:01AM showing.  One of my longest standing friends, Jessica Sankhi (Licensed massage therapist if anyone wants to know) is making the 3 hour drive just to watch it with me.  I am stoked, I am excited, and I am in need of a new undershirt to wear with my costume.  I think I have gone through nearly 3 white button down shirts so far.  Now, here's a funny tid-bit.  The skirt I wear for the costume is actually too small.  The zipper broke YEARS ago but it's in the back, I have a cloak on and no one would even know!

My costume consists of the following:
Slytherin house robe
Slytherin tie
Slytherin crest
Slytherin Sweater
Slytherin scarf
Knee high gray socks
Black mary janes
A pleated gray plaid skirt
A wand
A button down white dress shirt (Mens)

The costume is a combination of ebay, thrifting, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and of course, Alivans ( Please visit their site and stock up on amazing wizarding wears, miniture props, and a selection of wands including characters, originals, and one of a kind pieces.  ^.O

Enough advertising for sites I am not paid to sponsor. 

So life really has been good for the first three months in my birth place.  My Aunt and Uncle work a lot so I am able to have time alone to watch my favorite girly shows, do my laundry in peace, and reorganize my room.

So here it it everyone, my "to-do list".

1. Rejoin Girl Scouts of America and start my own troop

2. Save for Dragoncon

3. Look at colleges (And finish this bloody degree)

4. Meet Tom Felton

5. Get out of this PetSmart or find a new job all together

6. Make my new room and keep it perfect

7. Save so I can move out

8. Find me a man!

You know what?  I think that as soon as I find my Flip, I will try a vlog and see if it's easier for me to remember to do.  If I do that, I'll update you all with youtube links as well as this.  And on this note, I will leave you with Adele.

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