Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood

So I applied, as you all know, to work at Girl Scouts of South East Florida.  So far I have a woman assisting me to get the job.  She is desperate to have me as her assistant and since she isn't the one who really gets to choose, the best she can do is give me every bit of info she possibly can to further me in the interview process.  So now I am waiting for a phone call and I am kind of studying up on what I plan to say when I get it.  Here's the news on the actual position.  The title is "Mission Deliver Manager" which puts me into membership services and recruiting younger girls.  It's full time and pays 32.5 and 42k /yr.  :D  I would not argue that.  At the moment I am making around 22k per year through PetSmart and that's really not a lot.  :/

So today I went with my aunt to Ikea.  I have never been before and though I have heard about it, no one really had me understanding what it was save for a furniture store of large proportions.  So off we went to Ikea.

In my mind I see a two story building, yes but I just picture it like Ashley or City Furniture.  I have seen the catalog for this place and I see the commercials as well, but that's really all.  Have you seen that commercial?  The one where they are having a sale and this maniacal mother drives an Ike delivery truck onto her lawn and then runs back for another truck?  They don't live in a big house.  Her credit card debt must be intense.

Ah, look at that sky.

Then we finally arrived.  There is a parking garage attached to the building?  Are you serious?  I mean... even the second largest mall in the state has parking spots outside of a garage.

From the garage we saw some birds and then we walked inside.  I have a video or 4 of myself and some of the things I discovered.  However BlogSpot and YouTube both seem to want me to NOT show you.  So I will upload and post them later.

Here.  I will just show you the many photos I took.

Heather said I had to try the meatballs so I did.  To be honest, everything was pretty tasteless and gross, except the meatballs.  Forget everything else.  Those meatballs were awesome in a mini weenie sort of way.  XD

I ended up purchasing a new trash can, 3 rat plushies, 36 green tea candles, and a jar for my paper stars.  $21.22 was my total and I am satisfied.  I will be going back after Dragoncon.

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