Saturday, April 30, 2011

Settling in

So here I am, back in the town I was born, Coral Springs, FL.  I've moved in with my Aunt and Uncle and I am extremely excited to start work on Wednesday.  Same company, but a whole new environment and a faster pace.  Two new dogs to live with, though I'm wondering how long the youngest of the two will last. 

There really is so much more to do down here then back up in the small town I called home for 18-years.  So many resturaunts and thrift shops.  My Aunt is a scrapbook nut and she'll even garage sale with me on occasion.  All my stuff is still boxed up back home, but as soon as my cousin packs his bags in a month or so, I will be moving/upgrading to his room and I will get all of it unpacked and placed in my new room. 

Right now I am finding myself pleased with the idea of having a shelf for my accessories and 5 shelves of shoes.  Unlike my last room, this one WILL stay clean.  Mark my words. 

Time to go grocery shopping!

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